Why choose Priority Tooling Solutions

Priority Tooling Solutions is an innovating company established along the US-Canada-Mexico border to provide a wide range of manufacturing services. Combining today’s technology with manual skills to ensure cost effective products for our customers.


Advanced 3D printing system, quick-tools with aluminum molds.

Design Technology

Designing with 3D CAD and CAM draft concepts including Solidworks, Cimatron.

Other Services

Manual machining, assembly, laser welding, parts cleaning.

What We Offer

Complete Tool Management

Our jobs are planned into a process. RFQ or Inspection for quote, advanced engineering and design. With developmental communication through production and/or maintenance repair.

Global Facilities

Priority Tooling Solutions having facilities in Canada, U.S., Canada has operated and delivered exceptional and technical molds. Facilitating and streamlining cost efficient products throughout the globe.


With ISO9001:2015 certification through BSI, our quality management system is your assurance of our standard of quality and performance. All offshore facilities are ISO9001:2015 certified as a minimum.