Our Business

Priority Tooling Solutions is a Canadian company that was started in 1989 as a one-man shop. Since then it has developed and expanded its facilities in three different countries.

Priority Tooling Solutions is a manufacturer of high-quality precision plastic injection molds. We design and build proto-type and production tools, and have a tryout and production location in our South Western Ontario facility that is located in London. The products from our molds range across the board, with a mixture of 50% automotive and 50% non-automotive/commercial.

Our Goal

Priority Tooling Solutions is here to provide the best of quality services and products for our customers along the borders.

We are dedicated in providing customer satisfaction within the manufacturing industry. Our customers can expect consistent performance, dependability, courtesy and competence. Priority Tooling Solutions leads the way with the perfect balance of talent, technology, communication, quality assurance, service, and customer satisfaction.

The Team

We are an organization made up of experienced mold-makers, engineers, and project managers with our head office in Central North America. We offer a link between quality mold shops globally. Our facilities continue to upgrade, and our processes adapt to leading edge technology and manufacturing methods.

Priority Tooling Solutions is fully equipped facility with equipment and a team of employees skillful who make positive input from start to finish.